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Alan Rawls

Alan supports the team as a Summer Associate and Law Clerk, working remotely from Knoxville while he attends law school at the University of Tennessee. Alan wants to become an attorney whose practice is centered on compassion.

Alan's first instinct has always been to do whatever possible to help others in need. For him, that instinct is practically a family tradition handed down through his close relationship with his father, who received the same through a close relationship with his father.

Alan saw that most of his friends did not have the same close relationship with family. Often when spending time with a friend's family, conflicts would arise, and Alan assumed the role of peacemaker. He interceded for the friend and sought to help the family develop loving, peaceful relationships with each other.

Alan finds that his life lessons and experiences prepared him for his position at Cromwell & Associates. "In my first month, I witnessed Mr. Cromwell helping a family who desperately needed legal assistance, Their family was cracked and broken, but in a timely, efficient manner, Mr. Cromwell stopped the bleeding and restored their peace of mind."

Now, Alan wants to follow in the same footprints. "As an attorney, I can do what I sincerely believe I was born to do: to show compassion, to help families, to sow peace. "



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