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Alycia Young

As Office Assistant, Alycia fulfills the essential role of director of first impressions.  She grew up in a very close family with five other siblings, four brothers and one sister.  Their father taught them to always support and protect one another.  He encouraged them with a phrase that instilled Alycia’s strong sense of customer service.  “Always leave a place better than the way you found it.”  Alycia came to understand that if someone comes to you hurt and broken, don’t allow them to leave that way.  Discover a way to relate by determining the person’s needs.  Make it a goal to a leave a lasting impression that would cultivate a relationship.
Alycia continued to develop her customer service skills as a flight attendant for almost twenty years with a major airline.  She had the opportunity to travel the world travel and meet some amazing and unique people from all walks of life.  She learned first-hand that though our culture, distance and traditions separate us, there is one thing that is universal … a smile.  No matter what country she visited, she never met a person that did not appreciate a smile, compassion and understanding.   

While Alycia enjoys volunteering with area charities, her compassion took on a deeper meaning through a personal tragedy.  Alycia’s only sister died suddenly leaving her two girls without their only parent; one child was age 9 and the other just a newborn of 2 weeks.  Without hesitation, Alycia resigned her position with the airline and returned to Mobile to raise her nieces as her own daughters.  She says that the experience has been her biggest and most rewarding triumph in her life.

Alycia enjoys building relationships, one client at a time.  “I shine when I’m operating in my natural given talent of serving and taking care of others.  It is one of life’s purest treasures.  Cromwell and Associates has given me the opportunity to utilize this ability.” 


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