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How to Use ClientDocx

ClientDocx allows our clients to securely store account information and important documents, and grant secure access to designated family members and advisors. Access to ClientDocx may be found by selecting the ClientDocx login button in the bottom right-hand corner of each Cromwell & Associates webpage. 

Granting Additional Third-Party Access:
If you would like to update family members or advisors who have access to the account, you may do so by contacting Cromwell & Associates. Third parties include Family Members and Advisors.

Using ClientDocx
Upon logging in, you are able to update your personal information, store online account information, manage documents and securely send additional documents to Cromwell & Associates. The following items outline the basic functions and parameters of the ClientDocx system:

1.     Online Accounts

Once you change your password, no one but you can access your ClientDocx account. Firm policy prevents access to any online account information you choose to store in ClientDocx. However, if you lose your password, please contact us and we can assist you in obtaining access to your account.

2.     Documents

The documents tab contains all of the “locked” documents, which are unable to be edited or removed. These typically include all documents that are part of your plan. The documents tab also contains any documents you choose to upload. All documents you upload have to be in portable document format ("pdf") form and may be removed at your choosing.

You may also manage how you share your documents. Each document in your list will show whether a family member and/or advisor may access it through their separate logins.

To Grant New Access:
a.    Select the check box to the right of the document.
b.    Select the appropriate individual from the drop down menu, below.
c.    Click “Share.”
If you were successful, that individual will now be designated as having shared access to that particular document. This individual will now be able to access this document through their respective login.

To Remove Access:
a.     Select the (x) button beside the name of the person you wish to restrict access from, below the corresponding document.
If you were successful, the individual will no longer have access to that particular document and will no longer be designated as a “shared with” recipient.

3.     Docx for Attorney

This feature allows you to send documents to Cromwell & Associates more securely than through email. Documents have to be in .pdf format and smaller than 14 MB.

If you have any questions, comments or need assistance with your ClientDocx account, please contact us


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