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Kayleigh Smith

Kayleigh contributes to the team as an Office Administrator. She is an accomplished musician in both string and brass instruments.  She earned a spot to march with the prestigious Drum Corps International and was awarded a music scholarship at the University of Mobile. However, Kayleigh later discovered her passion was in service to others when she volunteered as a counselor at a summer camp for girls.

Kayleigh's parents have experience serving others while working in the law. Her father served in the military and then continued his service for 17 years in the Mobile Police Department. Her mother has enjoyed a long career as a legal professional and is the inspiration for Kayleigh’s career interest.

Kayleigh learned to always be kind and considerate to everyone and to go above and beyond to help in any way possible. When she was young, Kayleigh remembers riding with her mother on their way home. They passed a woman who sat on the side of the road and was clearly upset. Her mother did not know the woman but decided to pull over and see if the woman needed help. Then, they saw the puppy lying dead on the road. Her mother comforted the woman and helped her carry the puppy away. Kayleigh saw in that act of kindness that helping another does not require a special skill or talent; the only thing necessary is the desire to care.

Kayleigh is now focused on learning and developing her skills as a legal professional.  Most importantly, she enjoys her position at Cromwell & Associates because it combines the law with service to others.



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