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Putting the Client First

March 5, 2017

Imagine that your kitchen floor needs to be redone. Perhaps it is a linoleum or wood floor, and you prefer to have tile. You hire a contractor to come lay the new tiles. When he arrives, the trouble begins. 

The tiles are of a very low quality. When he begins working, he doesn't cut and lay the tiles to conform to the size of the room; instead, he alters the kitchen's dimensions to fit the number of tiles that he wants to use. And once he is finished laying the tiles, he gives you instructions on how to grout the floor, after which he takes your money and leaves. 

You would not be satisfied with such shoddy service, and you would feel like you had wasted your money. So why do we tolerate such service in other professions, namely law?

We broke away from the old mentality. Cromwell & Associates is a nontraditional law firm that focuses, first and foremost, on the needs and wishes of clients. 

Cromwell & Associates is not the legal equivalent of the bad contractor example. We have continuing care programs in which we handle the next steps. We will collaborate with your trusted advisors and align your assets according to your plan. We do not conform our clients to cookie-cutter documents; instead, we conform the documents to fit our clients' wishes. And we understand that your plan must work... when you need it to work. 

Ultimately, Cromwell & Associates aims to put the client first. We want to help you with responsible planning for family and business, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please contact us today, and let us know how we may help you. 


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