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Eric Cromwell

Let me tell you why I practice law for family and business ……

My dedication and commitment to the practice of law came to me honestly, and through a difficult family situation. After my grandmother suffered a massive stroke that left her incapacitated, my Dad worked hard to put her “legal house” in order for her benefit.  My grandmother had a substantial sum of money and assets left to her from my grandfather.  Like many families, my Dad was left to handle this matter; although he had brothers that could have helped. Read More...

Monica Quinn

Let me tell you why I practice law for family and business ......

My desire to provide legal counsel and care to individuals and families developed in my family.  Family has always been the center of my life.  I have a very close-knit family with very little conflict.  Growing up, I watched my grandmother constantly worry about what would happen if she needed expensive medical care at some point in her life or what would become of everything when she died. Read More...


Alan Rawls

Alan supports the team as a Summer Associate and Law Clerk, working remotely from Knoxville while he attends law school at the University of Tennessee. Alan wants to become an attorney whose practice is centered on compassion.

Alan's first instinct has always been to do whatever possible to help others in need... Read more..








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