Business Planning

We are a Business Owner’s Best Friend

shaking hands iconYour business represents one of your most valuable assets. Thus, a truly effective estate plan must be based on a sound business plan. You want your business to grow and thrive. You should earn the greatest possible return on your investment, minimize your tax liability and protect your family and the business itself.

We assist business owners – both large and small – at start-up, exit and every stage in between. It has been our experience that the very best plans depend upon collaboration. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with your company’s financial advisors, attorneys, accountants and whomever else you view as a trusted advisor.

At start-up, we can help you with business entity selection and formation. We also can help you with reviewing your existing form of business. Structural documents are very important. A well-designed shareholder, partnership or operating agreement is essential. Your business must have a proper foundation for legal risk protection, operation efficiency, tax planning and retirement benefits.

During the life of your business, we can provide support and guidance in a variety of matters, including sales and acquisitions of business. We can help you with contract review or preparation and provide counsel for employment or work-related issues. We can also provide counsel to navigate you through litigation or tax problems.

Your exit or succession from your business is equally important. You might choose to sell your business or to pass it on to your children. The most overlooked problem is that a business will go from coat-tails to shirt-sleeves in three generations. Only 30% of businesses make it to generation two and a mere 3% still generate profits in generation three. Given the dismal rates, it is no wonder that often at least two-thirds of family wealth is lost in generation two and almost all of it is lost in generation three.

We have solutions to the issues that most frustrate business succession planning. We help every business owner crystalize a clear vision and mission in designing a plan. We then help the business incorporate the mission into its daily operations. Thus, we can make sure that the business is properly prepared for transition.