Monica Quinn

Let me tell you why I practice law for family and business…

My desire to provide legal counsel and care to individuals and families developed in my family.  Family has always been the center of my life.  I have a very close-knit family with very little conflict.  Growing up, I watched my grandmother constantly worry about what would happen if she needed expensive medical care at some point in her life or what would become of everything when she died.

Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, she would ask my Mom and Uncle what items they would like when she passed away and play songs on the piano that she wanted played at her funeral.  My grandmother constantly visited her attorney.  As a young child, I did not understand why she was concerned.  She was my grandmother; she was going to live forever.  As I grew older, I realized that having an estate plan gave her comfort.  Though my grandmother could not control whether she developed dementia or died, she could plan for the worst and she drew comfort from being prepared.

Slowly my grandmother’s fear was realized as she slowly began to forget things.  She developed dementia and was no longer able to care for herself.  My grandmother had good days and she had bad days.  During this time, she visited the attorney who had been counseling her for over 20 years about her estate.  After each visit, she would have what my Mom would term a “good day.”  I have no idea what they discussed but the legal counsel that the attorney gave her obviously gave my grandmother peace of mind and comfort.  She was relaxed, chatty and willing to eat, which was not always a guarantee.  When she passed away, I was grateful for the comfort my grandmother’s attorney gave her throughout her life.  It inspired me to give the same comfort to people in the future.

The experience brought home the fact that planning for the future is not as simple as making a plan and being done with it.  A proper plan is something that must be reevaluated and changed as life grows and changes.  I have come to realize that many people have been through or are going through similar situations.

I believe in practicing law by building relationships with the people I help and be able to assist them as time goes on and their lives grow and change.