How Can We Help You?

Whether you need estate planning or business planning, the most important and essential key to our process is to listen to you. We want to learn about your goals and concerns. We can then suggest strategies to help you achieve your goals and calm your concerns. After you choose the strategy, we will work with you to design a plan that takes care of all of your needs. Planning is a puzzle. And we want to make sure that no pieces are missing when we put together the entire puzzle.

An estate plan or a business plan can be overwhelming with many issues to consider and decide upon. Our process therefore is to meet on multiple occasions. Multiple meetings will give you an opportunity to reflect and become comfortable in all aspects of your plan. You may need to move fast, and in those situations, we will make the time to accommodate you.

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Continuum of Care Programs

Your plan does not end there. Whether in your personal life or in your business, many things can affect your plan: births, deaths, marriages, disability, illness, divorces, remarriages, financial windfalls, financial storms, etc., etc. etc. Life happens. Therefore, we should continue to meet in the future. We will suggest options to regularly review your plan and consider other services. A client with an estate plan may want to meet once or twice a year; whereas, a client who owns a business may want to meet quarterly or monthly. You will have an opportunity to choose a continuum of care program that is best suited for you.