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What is the Business Counsel Plan™?

The Business Counsel Plan is a designed set of maintenance services, so that your business plan is reviewed regularly and updated as needed for issues such as changes in business, changes in law, or changes in assets. Cromwell & Associates created the Business Counsel Plan to proactively help you address issues in your business plan before they become expensive problems that could severely damage, if not end, your business.

At Cromwell & Associates, we know that your business is of the utmost value to you beyond dollars and cents. You put your heart and soul into your business venture. The Business Counsel Plan helps to protect and preserve your business so that it will thrive and grow.

Think of your business and the economy today. Was your business different six months ago? One year ago? Two years ago? Just as the economy constantly changes, a business constantly changes, develops, and grows.

Your business plan will have you prepared on the day you sign it. But the economy continues. Your business plan will need regular review and occasional updating to keep up with changes in the economy. And with the Business Counsel Plan, major mistakes can be avoided, and success can be realized for years to come.

What are the Benefits?

The Business Counsel Plan offers annual services that are selected to match your level of business planning, such as: 

  • Annual review of your business plan
  • Consultations as you may need on your business plan
  • Monitor and update of your asset separation
  • Monitor and update services as Registered Agent
  • Monitor and update of a Storage Vault for your business plan and asset documents 
  • And many more
The financial information of your business is confidential and thus requires more security. The Storage Vault is secure, encrypted online access to your business plan, asset documents, and any other important documents that you wish to protect.

Why Cromwell & Associates

At Cromwell & Associates, we firmly believe that you should earn the greatest possible return on your investment, minimize your tax liability and protect your family and the business itself. The Business Counsel Plan will build on the solid foundation of your business plan by:

  • Crystalizing a clear vision and mission and incorporating them into daily operations;
  • Protecting your assets and investment in your business plan; and 
  • Providing a continuing program of maintenance for your business plan to help your business grow and thrive.
We help you prepare for the future because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To learn more about the Business Counsel Plan, please contact us today.
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