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What is the Family Counsel Plan™?

Life is about changes. Nothing ever stays the same.

Think of your life today and your relationships with your spouse and family. Were those relationships different six months ago? One year ago? Two years ago? Just as laws constantly change, our lives and relationships constantly change, develop and grow. 

Your estate plan will have you prepared on the day you sign it. But life continues. Your estate plan will need regular review and occasional updating to keep up with the changes in life. And with the Family Counsel Plan, family disharmony can be avoided, and legacies can be created for generations to come.

What are the Benefits?

The Family Counsel Plan offers annual services that are selected to match your level of estate planning, such as: 
  • Annual review of your estate plan
  • Consultations as you may need on your estate plan
  • Monitor and update your asset alignment
  • Monitor and update your Emergency Information Card
  • Monitor and update a Storage Vault for your estate plan and asset documents 
  • And many more!
The Emergency Information Card allows secure, electronic access to your medical and emergency contact information at any moment. Rather than carry your legal healthcare documents and information in your pocket, the Emergency Information Card gives access to your important medical information anytime, anywhere.
Your financial information is confidential and thus requires more security. The Storage Vault is secure, encrypted online access to your estate plan, asset documents, and any other important documents that you wish to protect. 

Why Cromwell & Associates

At Cromwell & Associates, we firmly believe that your health and well-being should be protected in addition to your assets and property. The Family Counsel Plan will build on the solid foundation of your estate plan by:
  • Stating your wishes, faith, and values;
  • Aligning your assets to your estate plan; and 
  • Providing a continuing program of maintenance for your estate plan to protect your spouse and family.

We help you prepare for the future because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To learn more about the Family Counsel Plan, please contact us today.

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